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Even Better Handling

The Client

PETLAS is one of the biggest tyre manufacturing company in Turkey.

The Case

PETLAS wanted to increase their product awareness. Aim was to highlight the strong handling capabilities of the their tires.

The Process & Result

I worked within a very collaborative team of four for this project; a graphic designer, copyrighter, art director and me, as junior art director. First, we brainstormed about how to show strengths of the tires. Three major automotive brands, famous with their quality and power, chosen to show PETLAS tires reliability. After the ideation process, I prepared some initial sketches on how the project is going to look. After discussions about how we should proceed, I built the main layouts and executed the designs brand by brand. With the final supervisions from our creative directors, we wrapped up the final designs and delivered the project successfully to the client. The project brought a great attention to our agency, that also increased our own brand awareness successfully.


Graphic Designer : Sedat Çağlak Junior Art Director : Burak Kılıç Art Director : Bilal Uğurlu Copyrighter : Ozan Kocamaz

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