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Food & Drink Menu Redesign

The Client

Shea Cafe is a trendy restaurant/cafe, which is located on Tunali Hilmi, one of the most popular streets of Ankara. They serve as a restaurant/cafe in the daytime and turn into a bar with live DJ performances later at night. They have an attractive, playful atmosphere.

The Case

The goal was to transform their old menu into an appealing & engaging one which aligns with their vibrant style.

Old Menu

Design Process & Result

I started the project by discovering SHEA CAFE's style, their atmosphere. I learned about their customers and their needs. After the research phase, I sketched some initial ideas to discuss with the client. As a result, the menu was designed to reflect the SHEA CAFE's vivid and playful atmosphere.

Redesigned Drink Menu

Shea Cafe is located in one of the most popular street of Ankara; Tunali Hilmi. Serves as a restaurant/cafe at daytime, turns into bar at late night. Menu was designed to reflect its vivid and playful atmosphere. Business cards designs based on the same concept.

A final touch to their business cards

I have also asked to redesign their business cards with the same concept we used in the menu designs.


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